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This page lists recent publications at the Department of Information and Computer Science by type, author, and publication year. The publications are reported here by the respective authors, and the lists are likely to be incomplete, in particular as pertains to years before 2008.

Publications can also be found from the Aalto publications database using department codes T3060 (years 2008-2010) and T306 (2011-). For pre-2008 publications use the unit codes 11100 of the former Laboratory of Computer and Information Science and 11110 of the former Laboratory of Theoretical Computer Science. A list of reports of the former Computer and Information Science laboratory includes extensive biennial reports of the laboratory's research activities up to 2007, and other publication information from previous years.

NOTE: Our publications reporting software underwent a major revision in 2012-2013. Publication lists created by the legacy version of the software are for the time being available here.